Justin Haynes

Justin Haynes was on the NeoBots during all of his high school years. During his freshman year, the club was just getting started, and during his senior year he graduated with many robotics friends. While on the team he was the lead electrician and a web designer. He taught both skills to other robotics members. Currently, Justin is training in the U.S. Navy in a job that involves being an electrician. He says that what he has learned from the NeoBots and his technical classes in high school will help him understand his job.


Justin’s favorite part of being a NeoBot was being able to work as a team and integrating many ideas into one robot because “the whole team has a hand, a byte, and a wire into that robot to make it run and function the way we wanted it to.” He also enjoyed how robotics fostered friendship, let people express themselves, and taught people to work together as a group. One of Justin’s proudest accomplishments on the NeoBots was being able to express his skills with a group of people with similar or completely different skill sets. The NeoBots allowed Justin to learn new things while teaching at the same time.


To members of robotics clubs now, Justin gives the advice to “take advantage and learn what you can from robotics. There is nothing you can’t learn from FIRST® robotics even if you have no prior knowledge of robotics concepts.”