About Us


The NeoBots were founded in 2008 when Boeing generously donated seed funds to start a FIRST® Robotics team at Arlington High School, providing a positive and fun STEM learning environment. 

During our fourth season, our robot made it to the semi-finals at the Seattle Regional, and we won the Gracious Professionalism Award. During our sixth season, we were on the winning alliance at the Mount Vernon District Competition, and we won the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Shorewood District Competition. In 2015, our seventh season, we won the Spirit and Imagery Award.

In the fall of 2014, the NeoBots created their own FTC team, 9330. That season, the NeoBots hosted two meets and served as the district event coordinator, a reputation our team has held since.

In 2017, the NeoBots were picked as a wildcard team for the FRC World Championship in Houston, Texas. Due to our teamwork and perseverance, our alliance won the Hopper subdivision and placed fourth in the finals on the Einstein field.


 Impact on Community

     Interest in our club sparked the creation of a robotics class at one of the high schools. Many extra-curricular groups use FLL (First Lego League) kits to learn more about STEM. Every year the NeoBots give presentations at the elementary and middle schools in the Arlington School District, demonstrating the robot of that season and having kids interact with robotics concepts. Since September 2013, we have volunteered at Pioneer Elementary School, tutoring kids or teaching them more about robots. Due to the worldwide pandemic however, we have not signed up to go back to work with them. 


Our club values innovation and ingenuity. During the 2011 season, we beta-tested the Xbox Kinect with our robot and shared the experience with Microsoft and international reporters. From the beginning, we have been visible in the community through the Arlington Fly-In, parades, and events at Paine Field. Over the years, we have given presentations to many of our sponsors and at multiple educational events.


     During the 2012 season, we expanded our reach of impact by creating a Robotics Summer Day Camp for elementary and middle school students. In these camps, which have become famous among other robotics teams and educational groups, students learn the basics of programming, problem solving, and other STEM aspects. 


How We Affect Our Members

     To be a NeoBot is to be a leader, a volunteer, and an innovator. We strive to make our members the best they can be, from the robot pits and beyond. Being a NeoBot teaches members skills that are applicable to their futures. The fabrication process teaches students how to work with others, share ideas eloquently, gain technical skills, and responsibly manage themselves and the team. NeoBot members are introduced to the technical world through visits to companies like C&D Zodiac, Microsoft, and Boeing.


     The NeoBots go to many public speaking events throughout each year, learning to present formally at organizations and informally at community events. By participating in various FIRST award submissions, members learn valuable business skills, which are applied when approaching potential sponsors for the club. Being a part of the NeoBots provides members with experience, memories, and character that carry beyond high school and into the exciting world of STEM.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, we have been unable to go back to the Elementary or Middle schools in our area and show them STEM with robots. We are hoping to get back to normal and going to those schools and showing off what we do in robotics!