Our president: Jessica Henry
She's the best when it comes to getting our members to work, as well as getting us to work with other teams.

Our Vice President: Casey Allen
He likes to work and help our team on a whole bunch of builds. He's a great support to our president.


Our Treasurer: Jackson MacDonald
He's very outgoing and hard working. He perseveres through any challenges, is kind, and is very funny in the right moment


Our Secretary: Erika Wheeler
She is good in many select situations when she is needed, is an overall kind, and helpful person who stays focused and works hard.


Our Project Manager: Ethan Fontes
He's outgoing and helpful to our team. Don't know where we'd be without him.

Our Sub. Project Manager: Miles Murray. 
He's smart, outgoing, kind, and really fun to be around. He surely loves to be around our members and loves to be on our team

Our Public Resorces Manager: Tyler Simpson.
He's a creative thinker with his ideas. He is extremely extroverted and it's really great for this position. He also loves to make friends with other team's members.