Strategy and Design Weeks

During the first week of build season, we focused on picking a strategy and setting it in stone. We voted as a team that the robot must defend (primarily by being a goalie) and have the ability to assist. At the end of the first week, we started talking design. We've still been talking design this second week, but we have started to prototype.

Right now the plan is to have the robot have the ability to catch a ball from a human player, defend the high goal with what we are currently calling a "defendy stick" (it is turning into more of a plank though), and launch the ball out of the robot. The launching would have various levels though. It could go slowly to just dispense the ball out of the catching area into an alliance member. The higher launch would be able to go over opponent robots to our alliance member. What would be the icing on the cake is if we could make a launcher that threw the ball over the truss to an alliance member. Our robot's role in the game would be the goalie and to be the first robot in line to assist in hopefully a 3-assist, if all robots in our alliance are able.

We have also decided that we want mecanum wheels for higher mobility, which we believe is an important part of this game. We have never used mecanum wheels before, so this will be an exciting year.

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