Maker Camp

As is the case every summer, last June the Neobots robotics team organized their annual summer camps, prompting the involvement of younger children in STEM-related activities. One of these is the Maker Camp, a spin-off of the larger scale Maker Faire in Seattle. This camp is comprised of a series of activities related to the manufacturing aspects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Last June, those activities consisted of the production of LED-infused fabric bracelets, which light up when prompted with electricity, introducing kids to basic circuitry and concepts of electric flow, and a basic introduction course to CAD, or Computer Assisted Design, as well as 3-D printing. Students expressed great enjoyment of the subject matter, as well as were able to leave in possession of the fruit of their labor, their own bracelet and a minimum of one object 3-D printed in plastic, ideally of their own design. Both activities proved massively successful in familiarizing the participants with the basic fundamentals of engineering, as well as engaging an audience who has little to no prior experience with such. It was overall a lovely experience, and we're extremely eager for next summer, when we can once again host a group ready to learn about STEM.