Minecraft Camp

To conclude our three camps, we finished with a bang, introducing the students to one of the most vital aspects of robotics: programming. This was done with two seperate websites, one of which was "Minecraft.edu", a prebuilt curriculum created based upon the engine behind "Minecraft", the 2007 Lego-esque game oriented around the use of equal-sized blocks of different kinds assembled in different ways to build structures. The curriculum used is focused around the electronics and wiring mechanics programmed into the game, and how they can be used to reflect real-world equivalents of programming. In addition, programs such as Scratch, a game maker using basic programming prompts assembled in certain ways to create simple Flash Engine style games. Both of these programs help to educate students in entry level programming, and the means by which commands and prompts can be connected to create different effects. This camp, as with all other camps, proved very successful in informing students about the details of the subject matter, educating them in the features of programming, and the ways in which they can be utilized to create a functioning final product. We feel the camp was highly successful, and are eager to repeat it in the coming summer, once again helping students to become familiarized with the basic aspects of STEM and robotics.