We went to a FTC competition at the Cascade High School. We know how hard it is to host an event, so we sent up some members to help set-up the field and the pits.

The Neobots won three matches! Unfortunately we did lose two, but these results showed that we did improve over time. Another big accomplishment is that we got into the high zone multiple times which helped win the matches because of how many points we gained from it.

Not only did we work hard at this competition, but we also had a lot of fun and spirit. Two of our members, Brandon Kovach and Parker Sudderth, went into the field during a break and danced the Maraina. Nobody joined in but everybody did get several laughs from it!

Overall, I think that the FTC competition season went really well! We had some hard times and made some mistakes but we also had a lot of laughs. Now it's time to get prepared for the FRC season!