2016-2017 FTC Season so Far

As of November 19th and December 10th the Neobots hosted not one but two FTC competitions for the

2016 - 2017 competition year! *High fives and cheers in the background* And we rocked this year! *More cheering*. The first competition was a thrilling battle of wits, ingenuity, and creativity to see who could earn the most points. The Neobots ended up finishing in a respectable 4th place out of 13 teams winning 3 out of 5 games. Spirits were high and we were on a roll. We carried this momentum into the next competition. The competition was much tougher this time round though, and we ended up winning 2 out of 5 games, earning a solid but not as amazing 8th place. After talking with a few of the Neobots, there was a general consensus that they needed to find ways to work with their alliance partner. The team's shooter did have a problem with shavings coming out of the gear box, but for the time that the shooter was working, it scored a ton of points along with the button pusher, making the Neobots robot a valuable partner to have during the game. I am certain that the Neobots can take this information into the next competition in Everett on January 15th.