Our FRC Season So Far

Our FRC season is going great so far. But it's not done yet, so keep supporting the Neobots as we head to Worlds.

At the beginning of our journey, we headed to Mount Vernon High School on March 17-19 to compete in our first FRC competition of the year. As we fought fiercely in our qualification matches, we saw our robot do amazing things in both competitions such as climb the airship rope and deliver up to 4 gears in a single match! Throughout the rest of this competition, the Neobots were doing a variety of amazing things. Our Chairman's presenters got a chance to share with the judges some amazing things our club does both in our school and in our whole community. During the qualification matches, our scouting team was hard at work recording what every other robot in the competition could do. After the qualification matches, our team got picked on the 5th alliance with teams 1778 Chill Out and 2910 Jack in the Bot. We are very grateful to these teams for giving us an opportunity to compete further with them. Our alliance was able to make it to the semi-finals.

The next week we competed at Glacier Peak High School on March 24-26. We got another chance to present our Chairman's material and to scout for this competition. During this competition, our robot was able to deliver 6 gears in one match, meeting world records! After the qualification matches, we got chosen by the 7th alliance with teams 5588 Reign and 5827 Code Purple. Our alliance made it to the quarter finals. We had a lot of fun competing and having a crazy amount of Neobots spirit. Our robot and our team did an amazing job representing Arlington at both of these events and we are super excited about our next opportunity.

On March 20, the Neobots got accepted to compete in the FIRST World's Championship in Houston, TX. Our team is very excited to compete with the best in the world. We will be representing not only Arlington, but all of Washington as we go and compete. The competition is April 19-22 and we need your support! If you want to help us get to Houston, please check out our sponsorship page on how to donate. The Neobots want to thank all of you for your continued support in everything that we do.