Our Competition at Glacier Peak

The Neobots recently competed at Glacier Peak High School on March 23-25 with over 30 FRC teams. The Neobots used their skills to perform very well at the competition, becoming the captain of the 7th ranked alliance. In this years game Power Up, the Neobots saw success in every aspect of the game whether it was putting power cubes on the 7ft tall scale, or placing cubes in the exchange to receive power ups, the Neobots did it all. At the end of the qualification matches, the Neobots were ranked 11th in the entire competition, and when alliance selection came, the Neobots became the captains of the 7th alliance. Sadly, the Neobots didn't make it past the first 2 playoff matches, but we are extremely proud of what we have done. Overall the competition was incredible and we are super thankful to everyone who came out to see us compete.