Update on 2018 - 2019 Season

On October 27th, we had our 2018 Girl's Generation competition in Maple Valley, Washington at Tahoma High School. We used Bertram, our FRC 2018 robot to reach 11th place in the final scores. Darby Kikuchi ('20), Ali Rodriguez ('22), and Sarah Cravy ('20) were our drive team, Brenna Henry ('20) was our technician, and Destinee Williams ('20) was our human player. This year's FTC theme is Rover Ruckus, where our 'rovers' (FTC robot) must obtain gold and silver minerals from the crater and put them into the lander. Our drive was made up of freshmen Ali Rodriguez ('22), CJ Blazell ('22), and Aaron McGuire ('22). Our robot, LeBot James, placed 9th place in our first competition on Nov. 3rd at Weston High School, Smokey Point, WA. due to some technical difficulties. We managed to get them under control and get the robot back on it's feet - or wheels in this case scenario - before the competition ended. For the new season, we have a new logo done by Meghan Lindhorst ('21). Considering our season is themed space, she based it on the NASA logo. The logo has since them received positive feedback and will become the design for our spirit during Deep Space, our FRC season theme. Peek it below:

Pictures from these events are uploaded onto the website for viewing pleasure.